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Pipeline Pro makes scheduling and tracking appraisals easy in 4 easy steps


Order Box


Enter your new appraisal orders into Pipeline in less than 30 seconds, then watch it appear on a map with your other appraisals. The Order Box holds all the detailed information regarding the appraisal – address, client, due dates, scheduled times, assignment types, access instructions... Keep detailed notes as well about the property. This box can be completely customized for your workflow.




This area of Pipeline holds all appraisals that haven’t been inspected yet and keeps all contact phone numbers, access instructions organized and archived. You can also track appraisals in a clean grid view and a calendar view. The Appraisal Map, Grid, and Calendar can all be viewed at once or separately. Know what is happening with your business at a glance.


Office Work


Once a property is inspected, all appraisals needing to be typed are visible in this section. Keep track of due dates and any notes that help you compile the appraisal, like typists, agent phone calls, etc.




Know exactly when an appraisal was sent to the client




Haven’t heard from a client in awhile? Know exactly who is sending you the most or least business and when. Keep track of volume from every client as well as passwords and logins for your client’s web portals. 




Get paid! Which completed appraisals are over 30, 60, or 90 days old? Which clients are paying on time and who owes money? The invoicing section of Pipeline will track all of this and then some, ensuring you are getting paid on time. 




Run custom reports about every aspect of your business. How many appraisals were done in the past week, 2 weeks, month? How many appraisals did Appraiser John and Mary do in the past month and what was their average turn time? How many refi’s or purchase appraisals did our office do in the past 56 days? We could go on, but you get the idea. Analyze and simplify your own big data. 


Take Control 


You are different from other appraisers, so customize Pipeline for you. The Order Box is waiting for you to make it your own. Set up custom permissions for other appraisers and office staff allowing all or only portions of Pipeline to be visible. Keep track of your own fee schedule as well as coverage areas.