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What is Pipeline Pro?

Pipeline Pro organizes the scheduling and tracking of appraisals for your office. See all of your scheduled and to-be-scheduled appraisals together on the same map. At a glance you can see where your appraisals are and when its best to schedule. After the appraisal is scheduled and inspected, Pipeline Pro will help your track the appraisal and notify you when its due so you never miss a due date. After the appraisal is sent to the client, use Pipeline Pro to track which appraisals are paid and which appraisals are unpaid. 

Use Pipeline Pro's mobile page in the field to map your next appointment and to reference any notes you need from when you entered the information in the office. i.e. Lockbox codes, alarm codes, names of the homeowner or agents to meet a property. 


How much does is Cost?

Full access to the entire system starts at $12 / month for 2 users. Add additional users for $5 / month. Small offices (1 appraiser with an office manager) could be set up like this:



Why should my office office use pipeline pro?

We guarantee to cut your scheduling and office management time by 40% . You'll never be in the field again without your scheduling notes. You'll always know what is happening in your office, with your own workflow as well as other appraisers.


Large offices: view your appraisers' schedules at a glance and know everyone's volume and availability. Track their turn times, fees, and schedules.


Small offices: keep yourself on track with easy scheduling and tracking of appraisals.


Small office scenario:

Appraiser Bob opens Pipeline Pro in his home office to review the locations and details of his appraisals for the day. At a glance Bob can see that his office manager scheduled him for 3 appraisals, all in the west side of his coverage area. He can see where the appraisals are and the time they are scheduled, how he is getting into each property, and any notes about the property that he may need. In the field, Bob quickly uses Pipeline Pro to map his route to the next appointment on his iPhone or Android Phone as well as review any notes that his office manager made about the property for him. Later that afternoon, he uses Pipeline Pro to organize his office work - 2 appraisals are due to clients that afternoon and 3 for the following day. 


Larger office scenario:

Managers or owners can view every appraiser's schedule in the field and office work. Track your appraiser's turnaround times, scheduling times and availability. When a new order comes in, quickly know which appraiser will be closest and available for the assignment.


How do I use pipeline Pro on my smartphone?

Your entire pipeline is can easily be accessed on your smartphone (iPhone or Android) via your phone's web browser. Navigate to and use your USERNAME and Password to access your pipeline. 


Is there anything to install?

Pipeline Pro is a cloud-based software - there is nothing to install on your computer.. Access Pipeline Pro on any device that has an internet connection.


Can Pipeline Pro track my clients?

Lenders and AMCs all require logins to their websites and appraisal portals. Pipeline Pro tracks all your clients' websites and logins so you can quickly update through their websites and quickly submit completed appraisals.