Pipeline Pro was conceived after years of research, dissecting the appraisal workflow from beginning to end. We have used everything from whiteboards and pen and paper, to Excel spreadsheets and Google Docs. We have tried it all. After all this research and time, we can say with confidence that Pipeline Pro is the solution to managing your workflow. It is simple, yet robust. It tracks your appraisals, clients, and invoices.      


Use Pipeline Pro alongside your current appraisal software (Total, ACI, Bradford, etc) for everything in your workflow outside of the appraisal forms. There is so much discussion about saving time while typing up reports, but virtually none about the managing of your business. That’s where Pipeline Pro fills the gap.


We love to visually understand our appraisal orders in spreadsheet and map formats. Gone are the days of mapping over and over again the pipeline to see where jobs were located and when. Copying and pasting data from the spreadsheet and back into a map got old quick. Now with Pipeline Pro, we see all our orders at once, those which are unscheduled and scheduled. Pipeline guides us while in the field from appointments and gives us access to our notes anywhere we are. We can logistically schedule our appraisals when they make the most sense. We track invoices and payments. The archive feature allows us to quickly look up old notes, invoices for completed jobs.


Most importantly, Pipeline Pro saves us time. And it will do the same for you too, whether you are a solo appraiser or part of a large appraisal firm. Designed for residential or commercial work.       


Pipeline Pro is so simple that you’ll see very quickly how much time it saves. Yet, it is also advanced in tracking your orders as they are scheduled, inspected, and delivered to your clients. On the invoicing side, know who pays and who doesn’t!


Connect with us, Brady and Seth, co-founders of Pipeline Pro.

We know you’ll love this approach to managing your pipeline.

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